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We are correspondents of the prestigious international broker WILLIS, recognized as one of the largest global brokers.

What you should know about us?

We are known for giving excellent insurance information, advice and service to the foreign community in Costa Rica. Since its inception, UNICEN has been in constant growth, being a game changer in this still young market, actively participating in all processes of improvement.

We are affiliated to the consortium of insurance brokers “UNICEN CENTROAMERICA” with registered offices in Panama and representation in all countries of the isthmus.

With our foreign affiliation and language skills, we give service to large multinational companies, with open communications with risk managers worldwide.

Our goal is to optimize the experience gained in over 30 years in Costa Rica and transmit it to our customers as an added value in a market where customer service is extremely important.


An organization made up of people of integrity and compassion that constantly engages in fair business practices in a professional and competent manner and in a spirit of service, to fulfill the clients’ needs in the field of insurance. The organization will be managed by people strongly committed to Christ, and staffed by people eager to give glory to God by their competence, diligence and desire to serve, and whose lifestyles honour God by following Biblical principles. The purpose of the organization is not only to broker the sale of insurance, but also to make a constructive difference in the community in which it operates, (principals, suppliers, clients, business associates), and in the lives of the people who form part of the management and staff.


To give glory and honour to God through an insurance brokerage that is noteworthy for its competence, integrity and compassion, and the personal testimony of its management and staff.

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